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GraphQL for Web and Mobile Apps Made Simple

GraphQL Galaxy

Building web and mobile apps with GraphQL should be simple. With Nhost, developers build web and mobile apps with automatically generated GraphQL APIs. In this talk, we'll show you how this is ideal for developers who want to boost productivity without worrying about infrastructure.


SaaS backend using Stripe and GraphQL with Nhost

Stripe Developers - Dev Chat

Nhost is the open source GraphQL backend and a development platform. In this livestream, Johan Eliasson from Nhost comes on to chat with Cecil Phillip about some of the features and benefits developers can make use of in Nhost.

Running a Backend as a Service Company

Kunal Kushwaha

What goes into running a Backend as a Service company? In this episode of the Open Source Cafe, we discussed with Johan Eliasson from Nhost their journey and the benefits of using Backend as a Service.

Founder Friday: Johan Eliasson of Nhost


Johan Eliasson joins us to talk about Nhost, an open-source, Backend-as-a-service with a GraphQL API. How does Nhost compare to Firebase and Supabase? Learn more in this episode.

Accelerating Backend with Johan Eliasson of Nhost

JAMstack Radio

In episode 75 of JAMstack Radio, Brian Douglas chats with Johan Eliasson of Nhost. They discuss their favorite JAMstack tools, the inception of Nhost and its use cases, and other innovations in backend services.